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Today, WHO and the EU are monitoring PM2.5 and PM10 and reporting on the negative health effects of these particles and their ability to penetrate our lungs and cause respiratory and cardiovascular morbidity and disease.

But to provide a truly healthy and productive indoor air environment in areas with bad air pollution, ventilation systems need filters that are also capable of removing PM1 particles – the smallest fraction and the most harmful.

Our lungs are prey to PM1. When inhaled, PM1 particles travel to the deepest area of the lungs, where a significant part of them passes through the cell membranes of the alveoli (the millions of tiny sacs in our lungs where O2 and CO2 are exchanged), enter the bloodstream, damage the inner walls of arteries, penetrate tissue in the cardiovascular system and potentially spread to organs.

At worst, PM1 can contribute to deadly diseases like heart attacks, lung cancer, dementia, emphysema, edema and other serious disease, leading to premature death.

PM1 filtration today

Filters are like workhorses in ventilation systems and current F7 filters have varying efficiencies to capture PM1 (typically 50-75%).

With filters significantly influencing indoor air quality (IAQ), it will be increasingly important to choose the right filter and efficiency for the targeted particulate matter.

In addition to selecting the right particle efficiency, there are other important product features to consider, such as long life, low pressure drop and low energy consumption. In addition to their high efficiency, Camfil filters are recognized “energy heroes” because they save many kilowatt hours of electricity, as documented in thousands of customer cases.

When building owners purchase quality filters like Camfil’s for high IAQ, they also benefit by getting the lowest total cost of ownership for their filtration solution.

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